Yamaha WX7 - loose WX socket? Here's how to fix.

This section covers the WX5/WX7/WX11

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Yamaha WX7 - loose WX socket? Here's how to fix.

Unread postby cloudburst » Wed May 14, 2014 8:02 pm

Normally the WX socket on the WX7 feels tight and integrated to the structure of the instrument.

But it can easily become loose if the cable takes a knock whilst plugged in. The symptoms are about .5mm lateral and longitudinal 'play'.

The reason is that the internal socket assembly is as follows:
- the electronic socket component is attached to a small plastic base panel by 4 small screws
- the plastic base panel is glued into the underside (plastic) panel, only loosely located by a single tab

The small amount of glue seems to weaken over the years. Here's how to fix.

1 ) Remove the cable
2 ) Loosen but do not remove the two small screws retaining the pitch bend wheel
3 ) Remove the 8 small screws retaining the lower bottom plastic panel
4 ) Take care to lift the panel very carefully to clear the pitch bend assembly but very little so as not to disturb the wires (especially the black ground wire)
5 ) You may be able to pull the coloured wiring loom a few mm down the instrument to give extra space to work (BE VERY GENTLE)
6 ) Practice locating the socket/base assembly into the bottom panel (taking note of the small locating tab) so that you can do this easily in the next step
7 ) Apply a small amount of superglue to the contact areas
8 ) Carefully hold until bonded (you can carefully use a pointed object to apply a little pressure to the bit you can't get a finger into)
9 ) Gently push the wiring loom back up the instrument
10 ) Take great care to correctly locate the black wire
11 ) Take great care to correctly locate the HOLD/CONTROL buttons circuit board
12 ) Replace the bottom panel, taking care to clear the pitch bend assembly
13 ) Replace 8 screws, taking care not to over-tighten
14 ) Gently tighten the 2 pitch bend assembly screws
15 ) Give your glue a chance to harden and then gently use your finger to reassure yourself that the socket is probably now more tightly bonded than when it left the factory.

Well done!

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Re: Yamaha WX7 - loose WX socket? Here's how to fix.

Unread postby parametric » Thu May 15, 2014 1:53 am

Cloudburst -

THAT is a very useful and detailed account of how to address what sounds like a very delicate problem, and a great addition to our knowledge-base.

Many Thanks

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Re: Yamaha WX7 - loose WX socket? Here's how to fix.

Unread postby the zlorngler » Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:43 am

I am having an issue with my wx7 that may be this issue, but I am not certian. I bought my wx7 used about a year and a half ago. It worked fine until about a month ago. I use it with ableton live 8 to play midi synths. About a month ago, it started having trouble connecting. If I try unplugging everything, replugging everything in and opening and closing ableton several times it will sometimes start to work. But often it simply will not play. This is the best article online that I could find for what this issue might be. I could not find a good diagram to tell me this: What exactly is the WX socket? is it where the battery pack plugs into it at the bottom of the wx7? I didn't realize that that cable could actually be disconnected; I never have unplugged it. My socket does not seem to be obviously loose. How apparent is the wiggle? If I try to wiggle it to diagnose, is it possible that I will damage it further if that is in fact the issue? Does my issue sound like it is this issue, or something else? I have tried using the midi to usb connector cable on other midi controllers and the cable works fine, so that is not the issue. And I have tried the wx7 in two different computers with ableton live, with the same result. What should I do to get it fixed? I am thinking of maybe sending it in to patchman music for a repair if I cannot fix it any other way.

Thanks a lot!
- the zlorngler

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